Wv-48 Agreement

Agreement (WV-48): Standard Contract Form for Suppliers and Government Agencies Release Order (Form WV-39): Form WV-39 is to be used for orders against most national contracts (central framework agreements) and open contracts processed by purchase or at the agency level. More detailed instructions can be found in the order process in the contract. Note: Organizations should process Agency or Central Supply Orders (ODA/CDOs) if they use wvOASIS instead of this form. Cooperative Purchase Request, Rationale and Approval (WV-40): To be used when obtaining approval from the Purchasing Department to use a cooperative purchasing agreement from the federal government, other state authorities, other government agencies, or other government agencies. Standard format for expressions of interest: standard format for expressions of interest; see annex I of the Procedures Manual. Section 9 New Exemption Request Form: Exemption Request Form for the list of non-competitive exempt goods or services referred to in section 9 of the Procurement Service Procedures Manual. . Request for Proposal Agency Request for Approval (WV-110): Request for Proposal Agency Request for Approval (WV-110) Liability Risk Assessment Model (WV114): The West Virginia State Constitution prohibits state agencies from going into debt and granting the state loan to third parties. The purpose of this risk assessment is to assist government agencies in determining whether a supplier`s proposed limit of liability is consistent with this mandate. Questions and comments will be moderated. At least 10 characters. Design Specifications Without AEOI Documents Application for Excess Eligibility in Standard Format: Must be completed by eligible organizations to obtain surplus federal ownership and/or crown surplus property. Drug-Free Workplace Report Cover Sheet: Suppliers must complete this cover page and attach it to the required report.

Proposed Allocation Recommendation Memorandum (WV-113): RFP Recommendation for Attribution Memorandum (WV-113) Application for Surplus Cannibalization Assets (WV-105): For use in cannibalization decommissioning equipment to use components. Section 9 Exemption Request Form (WV-68): Section 9 Exemption Request Form for procurement (WV-68) Affidavit: This form is used to confirm that bidders have no debts to the Crown that would prevent them from obtaining an order. Standard format for maintenance and software support specifications. West Virginia Office of Technology SaaS Addendum (Cloud Addendum) Travel Management Forms: Link to various travel management forms on the State Travel Management Office page at WVPurchasing.gov. Agency Purchase Order for Transactions Requiring Attorney General Approval: Form WV-88A, Agency Purchase Order, is to be used for non-competitive or exempt goods and services that do not require approval from the Procurement Service, but require approval from the Attorney General as a form. Surplus Asset Withdrawal Form (WV-103): Used to remove equipment at an initial cost of $1,000 or less. If the equipment is on the WVFIMS capital system, do not use this form, regardless of the acquisition cost. Instead, use WVFIMS withdrawal procedures. Supplier Registration and Disclosure Declaration and Small Business, Women and Minority Certification (WV-1A): For the registration of sole suppliers or vendors whose total revenues for government agencies in a year are $2,500 or less; contains a section to be completed by the authority of the requesting State; NO FEES ARE CHARGED. Potential suppliers must also complete an IRS W9 form and file it with form WV-1A.

RFP Evaluation Committee Designation Form (WV-111): RFP Evaluation Committee Designation Form (WV-111). Supplier Registration and Disclosure Declaration and Small Business, Women and Minority Certification (Form WV-1): To subscribe to the West Virginia Purchase Bulletin and participate in the bidding process, a completed Supplier Registration and Disclosure Statement (Form WV-1) and an annual fee of $125.00 is required. Potential suppliers must also complete an IRS W9 form and file it with form WV-1. Request for Proposal Technical Evaluation Committee Scoring Memorandum (WV-112): Request for Proposal Technical Evaluation Committee Scoring Memorandum (WV-112) wvOASIS Document Submission Guide: This guide discusses documentation to be included in the header of various procurement submissions in wvOASIS, including but not limited to, requests for applications (e.B. CRQS/CRQM), CHANGE ORDERS, SUPPLEMENTS and Central Supply Orders. Checklists for the agency process: The purpose of these checklists is to support representatives of government agencies responsible for managing the purchase of products and services on behalf of their agencies. For more information, see Appendix M of the Procedures Manual. Certificate of Absence of Conflict of Interest: A form used by members or consultants of an evaluation committee to confirm that they do not have a conflict of interest with any of the participating suppliers.

TMO Hospitality Service Request Form 3: A TMO 3.0 Hospitality Service Request Form must be attached to the invoice, regardless of the amount. The purchase does not have to approve TMO.3. Software Maintenance and Support Specification Model: RFQ Software Maintenance and Support Specification Template for vendors that provide software maintenance and licensing support. Vendor Performance (WV-82): Allows government agencies to track the performance of a vendor or its product; must be completed and forwarded to the Office of the Purchasing Manager. . This government document is issued by the Department of Transportation for use in determining multiple allowances in West Virginia (WV-70): Agencies must complete this form at the time of application to determine that awarding to multiple providers is in the best interest of the state. Contract Management – Request for Monitoring (WV-91) Standard RFP Format: Standard language for the method of purchasing the Request for Proposals; see Appendix H of the Procedures Manual. The link above leads to an intranet that computers outside the state network may not be able to access. Drug-Free Workplace Compliance Affidavit: This form is required to promote public improvement contracts. Surety Forms: Official surety forms approved by the Attorney General`s Office, including Bid Bond, Work bond and Material Payment, Maintenance Bond, and Performance Bond forms. . Additional Terms and Conditions to the AEOI Forms: Additional Terms to the AEOI Forms approved by the Attorney General`s Office.

Insurance Guide for Purchasing: West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management provides guidance on insurance requirements for agency buyers; see Appendix G of the Procedures Manual. Summary of Oral Bids (WV-49) of the Agency`s Main Terms and Conditions: Recommended form for documenting verbal bid requests for small purchases up to $10,000. Standardization Request and Notice Form (WV-80): This form must be submitted to the Purchasing Department for review if an organization under West Virginia Code §5A-3-61 requests permission to standardize the purchase of reused goods when certain requirements are met. All questions and comments are available to the public. Please do not post private or sensitive information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails or social media links, financial details, etc. Direct Request for Consideration (Delegated Agency) (WV-65A): According to West Virginia Code §5A-3-10c, a state agency requesting direct assignment must provide written documentation with such information approved by the agency`s procurement officer prior to direct award. This form is used for delegated purchases by the organization in the range of $2,500.01 to $25,000. RFP Technical Scoring Worksheet: RFP Technical Rating Worksheet Disclosure of Contract Stakeholders: This form is required by companies entering into contracts valued at $1,000,000 or more with government agencies. Supplier Preference Certificate: This form is used for the certification and enforcement of bidders who are eligible for supplier preference under West Virginia Code §5A-3-37 (does not apply to construction contracts). Addendum: Suppliers may be asked to sign and submit this form if they propose other terms and conditions. .